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"Specializing in small to medium businesses has been the direction of Artworks from day one."



Vicki Rice, owner of Artworks Design Studio has been working in the graphic design field for over 30 years. Vicki is a graduate of John Herron School of Art with a BFA in visual communications and photography. After graduation Vicki became the Art Director for Paul Harris Stores, a fashion specialty store in Indianapolis. In the 70’s she worked with the Los Angeles- based design studio of Saul Bass and Associates to implement a new corporate identity for Paul Harris Stores. “ To be able to have that year long learning experience with one of my favorite graphic designers, Saul Bass, and his design team was monumental to my logo design education. I was always drawn to the graphic design of Saul Bass growing up. I remember trying to emulate his “Westside Story” graphics into an album cover project I had in high school. Little did I know at that time he would influence my life in such a profound manner.”

After leaving Paul Harris Stores, Vicki started the graphic design studio Artworks at the age of 24 with her partner Marilyn Motsch. At that time she desired to expand her growth in graphic design. She loved the fashion industry, but she also needed to continue to design logos and create advertising and design for different clients. Marilyn left the partnership in 1976 and eventually moved to Louisville, Kentucky and established Stellar Design. Over the years Marilyn has remained a close friend and mentor. “ I have always referred to Marilyn as not only a beautiful graphic designer, but a superb fine artist and highly skilled in whatever media she chooses to work in.”

Vicki was part of the first core Macintosh users group in Indianapolis in 1989 when a few graphic designers ventured off to purchase and self-teach themselves the new computer technology. “At the time the risks were great; investing in my first Apple computer, scanner, modem and printer for a whopping $15,000 was scary. Our first page layout software was Aldus Pagemaker and the vector drawing program was Freehand. Looking back I think experiencing and learning the computer technology after designing on the board for many years was a real advantage for me. I never had a problem with going from the drawing board to the computer screen. I do appreciate what the computer has done for graphic design, but having the skills and artistry of sketching, and working out the design on a drawing pad seems to be a more organic way for me to design. The beauty of the computer has expanded my creative horizons and has given me many techniques that I can experiment with while creating the final graphic design solution for my client. It’s always exciting to learn new software techniques and experiment with an idea. You just have to know when to stop. My design philosophy has always been less is more.”

“I am always looking for a fresh creative approach for design projects. I have chosen to keep my studio small for a reason. I enjoy working closely with my clients to give them the best creative graphic solutions. Specializing in small to medium businesses has been the direction of Artworks from day one. I knew I would not have that luxury if my studio became larger. Both have their advantages, but I knew early on what was a better fit for me and my work. I needed more creative and flexible surroundings. Working out of my 100 year old farm house has been the answer for me. That is probably why I have continued to do what I love. Besides it probably would have gotten really crowded in that cubical with all my animals.”

Vicki has designed logos, and graphic design projects for many clients over the years, some which can be viewed from the Artworks Gallery. Vicki is skilled in InDesign, Quark, Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Dreamweaver for website design. She also produces, shoots and edits small web videos for her YouTube Channel Artworks6710.

Vicki can be reached at 371.293.1132 or email