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Beans and Red Rice the dogs protect the doors of Artworks Design Studio. Often referred to as "the ankle bitters of the company" they also meet and greet clients with their obsessive need to entertain the masses. Their antics have been included in a greeting card line and they currently have their own YouTube chihuahua web videos. The adventures of Beans and Red comics can also viewed from the Artworks Facebook page. Their favorite food is the sweet potato and their favorite TV show is the The Housewives of Orange County.

Twenty-Eight the cat with his mitten-like paws can be seen sharping his claws and lounging on the front porch of Artworks Design Studio. He refers to himself as the outside protector and caretaker of the grounds. He can usually be seen carrying his prey down the driveway of 6710 Zionsville Road on any given summer day. Most of his prey goes along with his “Hunger Games” routine, which he also claims is his favorite movie along with “Inside Llewyn Davis”. Most of his conquest eventually escape after playing possum for a few minutes to amuse him. With the title of polydactyl cat, he prides himself on his twenty-eight toes. He is also pleased to be called a Hemingway cat, named after Ernest Hemingway the famous author and aficionado of polydactyl cats.

Twenty eight the cat